Who am I?

I’m Elise Rawson, a specialist neuro physiotherapist accredited by HCPC and CSP. Operating both within clinics and homes across Sussex, I’m a dedicated and highly skilled practitioner committed to serving the needs of individuals seeking specialised care.

Neurological conditions in physiotherapy are the cornerstone of my expertise. With 12+ years of experience in both NHS trusts and private practices and 9+ years as a specialist neuro physiotherapist, I have worked in neurological and musculoskeletal settings as well as in complex neuro paediatrics.

This has given me an in-depth understanding of a range of neurological conditions in physiotherapy. My holistic approach to each patient not only addresses the main pathology but also looks at how this affects other parts of the body, treating those accordingly. I find this way of assessing each individual produces the best, most effective treatment outcomes.

I extend my specialist neuro physiotherapist services to various locations across Sussex, both in clinics and at client homes. If you’re in search of a neuro physiotherapist near you, whether it’s in West Sussex, East Sussex, Brighton, Horsham, Steyning, Lewes, or Worthing, I’m here to offer dedicated care.

My neuro physiotherapist experience

For over 12 years, I’ve worked as a specialist neuro physiotherapist across the Sussex area in both NHS and private healthcare settings, providing comprehensive care to patients with conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, lower body Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and more.

Some highlights from my 12+ years as a neuro specialist physiotherapist include:

NHS Physiotherapist at Chailey Heritage NHS Trust

At Chailey Heritage NHS Trust, I honed my skills as a specialist paediatric physiotherapist for children with complex neurological disabilities.

I conducted thorough postural management assessments, tailored individualised treatment plans and administered hydrotherapy for young individuals with complex needs. Collaboration with medical, nursing and school staff was paramount, ensuring seamless care delivery. Additionally, I ran orthotic clinics and organised and led staff training sessions.

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist at Nikki Penny Stroke and Neurological Physiotherapy Practice in Brighton and Hove

I transitioned from complex neurological paediatrics to adult neurological physiotherapy at Nikki Penny. This pivotal move allowed me to further fine-tune my specialisation in neurological conditions in physiotherapy.

I conducted specialised assessments and administered tailored treatments to a diverse caseload. This encompassed individuals navigating conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and those on their journey to stroke recovery.

Neuro physiotherapy exercises and treatments I offer

I use a hands-on approach to my neuro physiotherapy exercises and treatments, using modalities such as:

  • Functional strengthening
  • Soft tissue mobilisation
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Gait and posture re-education
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga based breathing techniques stretching
  • Exercise prescription
  • Posture management and program prescription
  • Passive stretching
  • Active assisted movement re-education
  • Taping

The neuro physiotherapy exercise and treatment modality I use is determined by the outcome of a thorough assessment that observes and analyses each patient’s posture, how they walk and how they do various activities such as sitting, standing, lunging and bending.

By delving into these details, I identify areas of weakness, tightness or compensation through other muscle groups. I take a hands-on approach, spending time palpating each limb to gauge muscle activity, identify spasms, detect changes in sensation and assess joint position sense.

The ultimate goal of these tailored neuro physiotherapy exercises and treatments is to empower individuals to regain optimal function, mobility and quality of life. Whether you’re in West Sussex, East Sussex, Brighton, Horsham, Steyning, Lewes, or Worthing, my expertise is accessible to you at home as a specialist neuro physiotherapist.

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